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How to obtain green card through investment 100% success

Do you want to obtain the following results? 

Permanent residency in USA (Green card) investing only $500.000 instead of $1.000.000 for you and your family

Return of your $ 500.000 investment

Return on investment

Serenity during all the EB-5 Process


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Benefits of EB-5 Program green card through investment:

You can live anywhere in USA and that you do not need to live close to the investment place.

There is no limitation to your education, language, age or business background

You can travel to 150 countries without visa

After five years, you and your family can obtain US citizenship


Important notice:

You can invest $ 500.000 to get the green card until 30 September 2016. After this date the investment required will be $ 800.000.


Basic requirements to be eligible for EB-5 Program green card through investment

EB-5 Program green card through investment is suitable for the following persons:


To your success!

The EB-5 Relocation Network


The EB-5 Relocation Network



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